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Maintenance Plan

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1 year 2 years 3 years

Please send me a offer for a QuickHMI dongle including shipping costs for my target country via eMail. With a QuickHMI dongle, it is not necessary to enter the license key to activate the QuickHMI Editor license. The current cost is 99,00€ per dongle plus tax and shipping costs depending on the destination country.

0,00plus 19% VAT

* Developer License. You are entitled to install, activate and use ONE (1) copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on ONE (1) computer, provided it is used by ONE (1) person. You are entitled to install, activate and use another copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a second portable device, laptop or computer, provided it is used exclusively by the same person. To use this licence, it must first be activated on a device (PC, workstation, laptop, ...). A licence can be activated up to five times a year, on a maximum of 2 devices at the same time. The de- or activation can either be carried out directly from the software (assuming an active internet connection) or via our website. Activation with the above-mentioned restrictions does not apply when using a licence dongle, which can be ordered separately.


The purchase of a private license requires a manual check. If you want items from the extension list, please enter them in the field below. We will answer your request on the next business day (German time).

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