We start where standard software reaches its limits.

It is particularly true of the field of industrial automation as well as systems engineering and mechanical engineering that operators' functional requirements are often higher than can be met with standard software. In such cases we will be happy to provide the software required equipped with all programmable functions.

With many years of experience behind us, our services comprise the provision of individual, powerful software such as warehouse management systems, customised and extensively configured material flow controllers, individual systems or machine visualisations in client server architecture and much more besides.

Here we rely on already existing core components which are already installed in many applications and which can be programmed to provide all possible functions.

Your ideas are important to us.

The field of industrial automation is an extremely complex one with innumerable requirements and constellations. We endeavour to gather ever more experience and to see each successive project as a learning process enabling us to enhance our services still further in the future. In this process the ideas, experience, expectations and requirements of our customers constitute valuable knowledge which we are glad to integrate into each particular project.

We take on the challenge.

We keep strictly to your specifications and requests in turning your project into reality. If there are complex tasks on the agenda, we will work with all participants to draw up a list of specifications in which all the important key points are recorded in detail.
The budget defined with the customer will on no account be exceeded. Total adherence to the schedule is also a prerequisite of successful work in industrial projects.

After the project.

Services such as 24/7 telephone support, remote software maintenance and further personal consultancy complete our varied range of services.
We put in place object-oriented software solutions through the use of current development technology.
Thanks to constant refinement, products from Indi.An GmbH are always at the cutting edge of technology.

We will also not abandon you after the development has been completed. We learn from users by maintaining close contact with our customers, and in this way we discover new solutions for new requirements and ideas as to how to improve our products to keep our customers satisfied.

Please talk to us, we are looking forward to hear from you...