PLCcom for Modbus

Professional Modbus access for .NET and Java developers

The PLCcom for Modbus-API equips .NET or JAVA developer to realize optimized Modbus-Accesses from self created applications.

PLCcom for Modbus is compatible to the spezification of Modbus-Organisation. Bind a Modbus-Master or Modbus-Slave to your application with just a few code lines. Access via TCP, UDP, RTU and ASCII.

In addition it provides multiple listeners, optional 32Bit register, auto choice of function code while writing, choosable register number codec and many more.

A large collection of example programs and simulation software will help you to create your application. To round off our supply you’ll receive extensive documentation and free support.

native .NET or Java library for high-performance access

The libraries, depending on version, are 100% Java or .NET files. The driver can be incorporated directly by link, and API retrievals are not necessary. It is perfectly possible to use the component in 32 or 64 bit system environments as well as across platforms.

The internal routines are optimized for high-performance access.

Also included in the scope of delivery are extensive code examples that demonstrate the extremely easy integration of PLC control to your application, and can also be used in your projects.

PLCcom for Modbus is available in two versions:

  1. .Net Version
    The .Net version supports classic .Net Framework-programming.
    Furthermore, the delivery package contains versions for .Net-Standard Version 2.1 and a version for .Net 5.0.
    This component can be used to develop .Net-Core– , Xamarin– , UWP- or Unity- applications.
    Additionally, a nuget package is provided via
  2. Java version
    The Java version provides developers with a Java component for Java application development, e.g. with Eclipse or Netbeans.
    Since version 9, the development of Android apps is also supported.

Simple license model, top-level support available

PLCcom is licensed for the creation of individual software per developer, and subsequent runtime licenses do not result. Try out PLCcom with a 30-day trial version, before you license PLCcom.
We want you to be satisfied with our product; even after purchase we will not leave you all alone!
If you encounter any unexpected problems or issues related to our product, we will be unbureaucratically and promptly available and assist you in solving the problem.