Web-based SCADA / HMI system

QuickHMI Hawk R4

QuickHMI is a 100% web-based SCADA / HMI system.
Thanks to modern web technologies such as HTML5, SVG and Javascript the visualization can be shown in any current browser and device. As an alternative to the browser, a "standalone viewer" and a mobile app are available.

QuickHMI is very easy scalable from small projects with the Raspberry Pi up to visualization of large industrial areas.

The tenth version of the visualization software includes not only further workflow optimization and internal fine-tuning.
It also offers powerful new tools that allow you to visualize it more independently, more individually and faster.

Visualize what you want

If the extensive controls and functions provided are not sufficient for you, you can create your own graphic elements based on SVG according to your requirements and bind the objects to your data. If necessary custom functions can be implemented using JavaScript.

Documentation SVG Controls

Uncomplicated data provision

Another feature is the creation and editing of your variables in text format. Due to the csv format used, the variable lists can also be easily edited using Excel.

Documentation Variables in text view

Web-based SCADA / HMI system

Forget runtime license costs

With QuickHMI we offer you an extremely comprehensive and innovative engineering tool at a fair price.
Don't worry about subsequent costs for runtime licenses. With QuickHMI, the development system is licensed, but not the runtime environment.
Simply create your QuickHMI projects in any number and size and benefit from the easy calculability as well as scalability within your projects.

For purely private use, we offer the free Community Edition and the extensible Private Edition.

A little off-line demo project can be downloaded via this link .

Video Tutorials

To illustrate how to use our QuickHMI product in a simple and user-friendly way, you can find on our YouTube Channel a collection of video tutorials.
Whether you are already familiar with QuickHMI or using the software for the first time, our video tutorials will give you important ideas to help you work with QuickHMI.